5 Great College Majors for Health and Fitness Fanatics

5 Great College Majors for Health and Fitness Fanatics

If you have a passion for staying fit and eating healthy then you may want to pursue one of the many great majors offered at schools around the country from Maryville University to Hofstra University. Health and fitness majors can go on to a wide range of lucrative careers in a number of different industries, it all depends on the type of specialty you choose and the training you receive. But these five majors are a great start to put you on the path to the job you really want in the future.

1. Exercise Science

If you love everything there is to love about the science of sport, then this might be the major to pursue. It’s about exploring the science of bodily movement and how we can keep our bodies working at peak performance through exercise, proper nutrition, and effective healing techniques. You’ll learn how injuries can occur, how to prevent illnesses, the ways in which diet can keep the human body healthy, and understand how movement maintains the body’s primary functions and systems. Exercise is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle, along with diet and recovery. This major can prepare you for a variety of careers from a trainer to physical therapy to nutrition.

2. Athletic Training

Students who choose this major will learn preventive therapies and treatments for sports injuries with an emphasis on therapeutic exercise and proper nutrition. They will learn everything they need to know about preventing injuries, diagnosing and treating sports-related mishaps whether it’s a cramp, a sprain, or something more severe. Students will be expected to pass a certification exam for the National Athletic Trainer’s Association which is the entry-level requirement in order to become an athletic trainer.

3. Food Literacy

Our bodies need food not just to survive but to thrive. It’s the fuel that powers all of our complex systems and without the right fuel, the body can’t work at full capacity. Knowing which foods provide that type of energy is a large part of food literacy. Students will learn the specifics of food microbiology and understand the fundamentals of quality control, preparing them for a career in a variety of health-related fields.

4. Exercise Physiology and Nutrition

Food literacy is only one part of the equation, knowing how nutrition and the physiology of exercise work together to keep the body performing at full capacity is another. This major can give you the skills needed to understand how nutrition and exercise are connected. Chemistry, biochemistry, and human anatomy are prerequisites for this type of program, so if you’ve taken these courses previously, you may want to choose this major.

5. Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

Think of your favorite athlete. Sure they’ve been empowered with a natural talent for throwing a football or hitting a tennis ball, but they didn’t get there alone. They had great teachers and coaches to guide them towards reaching that world-class potential. You can be one of those individuals, as this major can prepare you to teach physical education to kids and adults or even coach teams or players in a particular sport. You could work for a major league team some day or coach at the collegiate or high school levels if you prefer. It’s all up to you.